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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Useful Rant: Ulteo Linux

Not many Linux enthusiasts haven't heard of Mandriva Linux, the distribution started back in 1998 by Gael Duvall. However, Gael's side project still remains shrouded in mystery- but not for long.
Here's the story: In 2005, Mandrake had evolved into an enormous corporation. That year, they brought in Connectiva Linux and changed their name to Mandriva. Earlier the next year (this year, as it happens), they made a stupid decision to go with their previous good one: They fired Duvall. Translation: "Thanks for starting us up and leading us to the top and everything, but we don't need you, despite all you've done. Bye, we'll take it from here!" This sparked massive protest around the open-source community, but they stood by their decision. Now, Gael's out for revenge- and even though revenge is "a dish best served cold", his scheme could give Mandriva some hot competition.
Enter Ulteo Linux. Ulteo's description on Distrowatch reads, "Ulteo promises to bring new concepts designed to help individuals with limited knowledge to accomplish many common computing tasks." It's clearly designed to be as newbie-friendly as possible, but one has to wonder how it could be any friendlier than Mandriva. Maybe ("maybe"? More "probably") Duvall will draw inspiration from it. We can assume the whole "kit and kaboodle" will be in there (literally, if "Kaboodle" refers to one of KDE's media players). MP3 support? Duh. NVidia/ATI drivers? Obviously. 3D desktop effects? Clearly. God knows what else? "Whatever it is... you can find it on [s/eBay/Ulteo]!" But for now, we only know a few useful things:
-It'll be based on Kubuntu.
-It'll use Debian/Ubuntu's package management system, which kicks Mandriva's poorly-set-up RPMed fanny all over the place (see my review for Mandriva One 2007).
-It'll be user-friendly. EXTREMELY user-friendly.
-It'll set up Mandriva the bomb. All their base will belong to Duvall.
-The first release is due out soon. Obscenely soon. As in TOMORROW.
So, barely anyone knows anything about Ulteo as of now, but everyone will. Very soon. Can anyone stand the suspense? 0_o... TAFN.
From Xubuntu 6.06,
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