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Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Internet died 3 days ago.

Net neutrality is dead.
Without Net Neutrality, ISPs could control how much bandwidth is allotted to each site. This could be used to censor dissidence or extort webmasters. Obviously, only major ISPs like Verizon would do this, but how many of you are signed to an indie ISP? Without freedom of bandwidth, we can kiss freedom of speech and freedom of the press buh-bye.
Save the Internet
[inspirational rant]
To all 12-year-old AOLers, to all teens with no social life save MySpace and World of Warcraft, to all bloggers who write about their bland, ordinary life that nobody cares about: In the words of some famous Greek philosopher or another (Aristotle? Plato? Socrates? Help me out!): "I disagree with what you have to say; at the same time, I will defend to the death your right to say it." The Internet's rich culture thrives on people like you. Without net neutrality, the flow of new content is cut off, leaving a stale wasteland of the past. The Internet is self-deprecating; without anything new to replace the layers of old, mildewed crap, it will destroy itself. Everyone has a stake in this; think, for a moment, what would happen if the Internet dissolved in a pool of monotony. What if all those webcomics you treasure were annihilated? What if User Friendly disappeared? If Penny Arcade disappeared? If PvP disappeared? If Sluggy Freelance disappeared? What would you do without all those social networking sites? What if Myspace disappeared? What if Facebook disappeared? What if Blogger disappeared? If Xanga disappeared? Where would your Internet radio come from without or Pandora or Shoutcast... Those sites aren't backed by millionaires; they run on donations! Wikipedia provides a place for the pooling of the complete knowledge of all mankind (in theory), not for the pooling of a few "experts" hired by some corporate juggernaut. What would happen to freedom of speech and press if every news site was run by Microsoft or Apple or, God forbid, the government? (ZDNet readers, move along, nothing new to see here...)
We are the people. We are the Internet. We are who we want to be, not what Verizon or Comcast wants us to be! For freedom! For Net Neutrality! For the world!
[/inspirational rant]

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Blogger sylvainulg said...

Sorry, i'm not american and i have to say i had other concerns last summer than trying to find out what Net Neutrality was really about ...

Maybe you can shed some light. You say "ISP can control how much BW they allocate to each site". Do you mean 'ISP' such as end-user-browsing-side-ISP or content-server-side-ISP ?

And didn't they already had the full control over how they allocate their bandwidth to X and Y ... What is feared, anyway? that a big company X don't like the webcomics on Y and pays the browsing-side ISP so that the ISP throttles the maximum bandwidth going to Y ?

5:01 PM  

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