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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Online Desktop: Holy ^&*@!!!

Imagine life without a hard disk. (Or USB- sorry!) Or better yet, imagine life with a hard disk only being used for temporary storage and really big files (ISOs, music collections...). You use the Web for everything- word processing, image editing/storage, etc- and can access your data from pretty much anywhere via the Intertubes. Life is good, huh?
There are lots of people that do that. Must rock to be them... And soon, there are going to be more.
Meet the Online Desktop. It's a project sponsored by Fedora and Red Hat (and, to an extent, Google) to move settings and documents onto the Web, and have them available with a few clicks. It's possible. Here are some demos of it in action (surprise! it's already been implemented in Fedora 8 Test 3).
This is the next step forwards in how we work with our computers. What goes on the Web can instantly be shared with anyone, not to mention used with all sorts of services. Open source will be at the cutting edge of the revolution (for once), and odds are that when Microsoft jumps in the game, they'll pump up their prices for similar services, driving more people to Linux. And integrating everything with the 'Net could start a "Web 3.0"- one where everything is online and integrated tightly with online services.
From Ubuntu 7.10rc,
A very bewildered DistRogue.

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