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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fedora caution: Please look!

Logical volumes. Sooo annoying... I almost lost my sanity completely because of them. By default, Fedora Core 6 sets up a "logical volume" that's hard to access from other distros, and when I tried to uninstall it (to make room for SymphonyOS), SymOS wouldn't even recognize it. Ouch. So, I called in Knoppix to clear it off with its trusty QtParted partition manager. No cigar- Knoppix wouldn't boot. The backup was Xubuntu 6.06, which came equipped with GParted, which was close enough. So, I wiped it (GParted didn't even recognize the type, but it noticed it there, and boom! Buh-bye...)- and tried, unsuccessfully, to make an ext3 partition over it. OK, so now what?
Well, for starters, there wasn't any bootloader installed after the wipe.
Finally, I tried PCLinuxOS, which I've also reviewed before. After an install, GRUB was working, with a timeout and Windows as the default (so my parents were happy). And the best part? To do the rescue, I didn't do anything other than install PCLinuxOS. Of course, you could do the same thing with most other distros, in theory. But be warned: If you use the default settings for installing Fedora, it's not gonna go quietly. @Fedora dev team: Consider this a bug report for version 7! Change the defaults- change is good.



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