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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who's with me?

With improvements on the way in terms of NVidia and (hopefully) ATI driver support for Linux, gaming will improve drastically on Linux. But there's one little problem: Intel's Linux drivers still suck, and haven't been recognized as a problem yet.
Windows gets good Intel drivers, with support for everything that an Intel GMA supports (which isn't much). Someone ran a benchmark in Sauerbraten, using the metl3 map, and the results were astonishing: While Windows ran a solid 40FPS, Linux was stuck at 14. Intel's drivers did, in fact, receive a major upgrade (with version 2 released, which will soon be integrated into X 7.3), but they only gave me a few extra FPS in Tremulous, so it's obviously not enough.
We need someone to work on these drivers! They're open-source as is, so improving them should be easy. This affects a lot of Linux users- most people that use a laptop. And Intel needs to learn that giving us crippleware to make people switch back doesn't cut it.

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