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Monday, December 18, 2006

Brief update: PCLinuxOS

I forgot to mention PCLOS's 3D features: this doesn't mean Compiz, but just the NVidia driver. To install an NVidia driver on PCLinuxOS, just go to Synaptic and install the "nvidia-xorg" package. It's as easy as that. It'll restart X, and then you're done, if it gives you the NVidia splash screen. And it works- GLXGears reported [s]1012[/s] over 3000 FPS- the highest score ever on my PC. I haven't seen any distro that's as easy to make 3D-capable as that (other than Mandriva, which PCLOS is based on). One problem: Games ran in an annoyingly low screen res, at an unnaturally low frame rate- just like on Mandriva. Hmm...
From PCLinuxOS 0.93a,
The DistRogue.



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