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Monday, April 16, 2007

Guess where I'm writing this from?

A review is imminent. For what? I'll give you a hint: It should not take me 3 hours to install this distro, but it did anyways. And it's not Gentoo.
How about this: The KDE version has a menu bar with a green lizard on it, and when you mouse over it, its eyes follow the cursor, sort of like XEyes.
Yes, I finally managed to install openSUSE 10.2! The "network install" image turned out to be the answer, since my main install disk wouldn't boot. It works, with difficulty, and if you use Windows, you're in for a treat. Screenshots are coming, as soon as I can get some snapz of Geeko the openSUSE Lizard's mad-1337 color-changing abilities (skillz, mahn, skillzzz). I'll say this much: YaST is entirely too overused. It does everything from installation to hardware detection to software installation to X11 (a 7.2 pre-release, to be exact, and not all that stable) configuration... Scary. But the window decorations are cool.
From openSUSE 10.2,
The DistRogue.

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