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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Something large, pink, and oinking flew past my window.

It had a large red spiral on it. This can mean only one thing...
After over 4 months of delays and constant development, and nearly 2 years since the last release, Debian 4.0 "Etch" has been released to the world! An exciting day for fans of one of the oldest surviving distributions, one of whom I actually know. Here are some of the changes:
-Almost everything updated, including GNOME to 2.14, XFCE to 4.4, KDE to 3.5, GIMP to 2.2.13, Firefox to IceWeasel, Linux to 2.6.18...
-Now 11 architectures are supported.
-Better themes... Mmm...
-Update manager! A feature Ubuntu has had since Hoary (2005, April), finally added to Debian.
For more details, head here. Salutations to users of *one of* the coolest OSes ever!
From Xubuntu 6.10,
The DistRogue


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