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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just great...

This is a first. This time, I can't even get to the BIOS screen, or even boot into a live USB. All I get is a message that says "Time-of-day clock stopped."
Here's the situation:
I'm working with 3 volumes. SDA is my laptop's 80GB internal HD, partitioned as follows: two 10GB ReiserFS partitions for Ubuntu 7.10 (just out today, w00t!) and Mandriva 2008, one 10GB ext3 partition for Linux Mint 3.1, and a 40GB shared /home partition. SDB is a 512MB USB key running SLAX 6.0-rc6 and NimbleX sub-100. Finally, SDC is a 1GB USB key with Puppy Linux 3.01.
I downloaded the DVD image to Fedora 8 test 3 and used the bootloader (images/diskboot.img) to load it from SDB1. The install (over Ubuntu) went successfully, except that I accidentally installed GRUB onto SDB. DoH! Three (successful) reboots later, I set up the bootloader to boot my other two OSes. Neither of the options worked. Great... At least Fedora still worked (sans Web connecton).
I rebooted into Puppy (on SDC) to fix the problem. I did some browsing, and at some point, it locked up and I had to reboot.
At which point my laptop turned magically into a shiny, $600 brick.
From Windows XP,
A very annoyed DistRogue.
(PS: The laptop I'm on has a faulty 'A' key, so I may have missed some 'A's.)

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Anonymous mantra said...

I just run into the same problem with a 640m. If you check on your Dell laptop system manual, you see there is a page for changing the coin-cell battery. Follow the instructions (pay attention when you remove the plastic hinge!) but just disconnect the battery and reconnect it after a few secs.

Voila! The BIOS doesn't get stuck anymore!

9:34 AM  
Blogger DJ Gentoo said...

Thanks! I'll try it when I get a chance.

10:42 AM  

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