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Monday, December 03, 2007

Startup times

Something weird just happened. I'm at school, and a lot of the laptops we use run Vista. So, I took the opportunity to clock how long it takes Vista to start up versus Linux. Here are some of the results:
PCLinuxOS 2007 (on my home laptop, a middle-of-the-road machine): 40 seconds
Mandriva 2008: 40 seconds
Xubuntu 7.10: 45 seconds
openSUSE 10.3 (clean install, OSS/KDE): about 45 seconds
Fedora 8: about 50 seconds (a huge improvement over the last few versions :-)
Windows Vista: 3 minutes 45 seconds
That's what I got after 3 consecutive reboots. Sad, isn't it? These are modern laptops, not ancient Pentium IIIs, and they run AMD Sempron 3500+s with 896MB RAM.
Sorry you have to read this, I just had to get that out.
From Windows Fista (Rubber Glove edition),
The Distrogue.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


(1) Its well known Vista is a bloated cow.

(2) Microsoft toots how their next generation (Windows 7) is thinner.

(3) WinXP IS faster.

...Are you surprised? :)

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Rambo Tribble said...

It would seem Vista is having trouble initializing something, a problem that can affect even the best of operating systems (which does not include Vista). Hardware or firmware issues may contribute to the problem, so Vista's indictment is at best circumstantial.

Make no mistake, however, I come not to praise Vista, but to bury it. I, for one, would certainly rather debug such a boot problem on a *nix machine than an MS platform. With MS your hands are tied by their mediocrity; the freedom and excellence of open source are its primary assets.

4:39 PM  

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