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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

GIMP roadmap and how you can help

If you're reading my blog, you've probably heard of The GIMP, a free substitute for Photoshop. With the latest release, 2.4, out the door, the developers are planning ahead to version 2.6. You can track the progress by signing up for a mailing list here, but be warned: The volume of mail you get is enormous (at least 25 messages a day), so set up a filter. Anyways, a roadmap is being pieced together, and here's what they have so far:
  • GEGL and Cairo integration. One of the biggest gripes from GIMP users is the lack of CMYK support. Once the GIMP starts using GEGL, all that'll change. Yes, CMYK support will be in version 2.6! And Cairo will add all sorts of eye-candy, like transparent cropping and scaling guides... It'll be cool. Read more about GEGL on Wikipedia.
  • UI redesign. "Floating inspectors"will be better-behaved, and be partially transparent (thanks to Cairo). Also, there will only be one menu bar, and according to the wiki, there will be an optional Photoshop-like single-window mode, another often-asked-for request. The suggestions are many and helpful, and you can add your own- just follow the instructions at the GIMP UI Brainstorm Blog.
The Cairo and GEGL changes are less apparent, but one has to start somewhere... They have some major implications for future releases.
Anyways, you can make your own suggestions. Add your own UI suggestions at the Brainstorm, and participate on the mailing lists. You'll be able to track the progress on the release as it happens instead of waiting for the releases.
From Windows XP (school computer 0.o),
...Do I need to say it?
PS: Expect a lot more updates. Anything that has to do with Linux or open-source that crosses my mind will be on here.



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