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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Myah OS 3.0: Remember them? No?

I mentioned Myah OS briefly a few months ago in a tutorial on making live CDs. I mentioned that it was basically a faster version of SLAX, and not much else, and made a good base for a live CD. As of today, the development cycle of the 3.0 series started. They upgraded a lot of packages, added a better software selection, and plan on adding an installer.
Obviously, a live CD isn't the best choice for gaming, but once installed onto a hard disk, that changes. Myah OS is i686-optimized, making it even faster. Add in a lightweight desktop, and you're looking at some seriously high FPS rates. (And the lead developer says that kernel 2.6.23- with CFS- will be available for download after the installation.)
But gaming isn't Myah OS's only purpose. It could make an ancient (but not too ancient- Pentium II or later) machine run like new. If installing Ubuntu onto an old machine makes it usable again (like so many proponents of Linux claim it does), then imagine what Myah could do to that Pentium II 400 box sitting in your attic.
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